How to Plan, Shop, and Cook for Life from Chaotic Kitchens

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A Beginner's Strategy for Cooking Guide

Weekly Meal Planning, Shopping, and Cooking Guide.

I'll guide you through my streamlined process for planning, shopping, and making healthy and tasty meals each week.

What you will learn and what's included

(1) A weekly meal planning strategy and a clear understanding of how to use it.

(2) An editable shopping list to print out weekly for efficient grocery shopping.

(3) Twelve easy-to-follow starter recipes to guide you through the learning process.

(4) The essential list of basic kitchen tools, foods, and spices to always have on hand.

(5) An understanding of basic cooking terminology for following any recipe.

(6) Bonus: Sal’s Granal Granola Recipe - the freshest, tastiest granola you will ever have.

(7) Bonus: Six sample recipes from my first three cookbooks.

For more information, or to contact me please visit:

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Life Happens. Make Good Food Anyway. Chaotic Kitchens helps busy people with everyday kitchens create healthy and tasty meals . Invite your family, friends and neighbors to your table, because food shared is the most nourishment you can get.

Strategy Guide
22pg pdf
Shopping List
2pg docx
6 Sample Recipes
6pg pdf
Granola Recipe
2pg pdf
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How to Plan, Shop, and Cook for Life from Chaotic Kitchens

2 ratings
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